Monday, August 16, 2004

Quick notes about the Graceland trip

On Saturday the 14th I traveled with the family down to Memphis for the 50th Anniversary of Rock-n-Roll and Elvis Week celebrations. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my painting of Elvis was exhibited as part of the events. We toured Graceland, perused the art exhibits, took in a car show and generally had a fun time. I bought a Lansky shirt which I had always wanted. It was kind of pricey compared to what you’d pay for a Mission 50s shirt, and the workmanship isn’t as good. But the styling is excellent bar-none. The drive to and from Memphis from Knoxville was about 6 hours each way. I did it all on Saturday plus we fit in the activities. That’s absolutely insane but I’m cheap and didn’t want to pay for a room. After sleeping late on Sunday all was back to normal. More news and pictures are to follow soon, including a look at the weirdest car I’ve ever seen – the Stutz Black Hawk – which was a big attraction at the auto show. See you tomorrow.


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