Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Larry Burchett and the TomCat Mark II

Larry Burchett is the main man behind B-Rod or Custom, makers of the TomCat Mark II production hot rod. When the prototype TomCat was under development, I was asked to render some drawings for the dash layout.

This was to make life a little easier for the machinists. Previously, I wasn't a guy who got very interested in cars. Airplanes and boats were more to my tastes. But I love building things, props, models, you name it. And when I clapped my eyeballs on the production which goes on at B-Rod, brother you better believe I was excited. All the plugs, molds, modelling compound, painting gear, fiberglass and welding that was going on just set my imagination running wild with visions of what all one could build. To have all those toys at your disposal -- goodness me -- oh the wicked little creations I can dream up in my head.

The TomCat has evolved a bunch since nearly a year ago when I first met Larry. The prototype has been completely overhauled into the TomCat Mark II, which was recently seen at SEMA. The TomCat Mark II features a 350hp fuel injected small block Chevy engine, mated to an automatic transmission. Everything from the chassis to (yes indeed) the dash is custom built from the ground up. Six color choices with matching leather interior make it sharp and stylish. If you've got a love of hot rods, or just great design, visit B-Rod or Custom.


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